Error "The ORCID iD you specified is invalid"


I am currently running ojs 2.4.7-1, and one of the user reported that they’re getting an error that says “The ORCID iD you specified is invalid” despite filling in the correct id with the full string (https://…). What might be causing this error?

Just for the heads up, I was trying to upgrade to 2.4.8-5 earlier and failed. This problem came up after I restored the 2.4.7-1 files.

Thank you.

Hi @aerizzz

My understanding is that there was a bug in older versions of OJS that prevented https:// ORCID urls from working. Does it work if they use http:// instead? If so, the fix is to make a small tweak to the validator for ORCID urls in order to allow https as a protocol.


(Just a note that the http / https problem isn’t a bug in OJS – ORCID used to require that ORCIDS use http, then changed that to https. OJS 2.x is too old to reflect that change. Another good reason to upgrade to OJS 3.x!)

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Thank you for the answer, will definitely look into that.

Yes, I am in fact trying to upgrade to OJS 3. However since the current ojs is very old, I have to upgrade it step by step from 2.4.7-1 to 2.4.8-5, then to 3.1 and 3.2.

I have also posted a new topic regarding an error that I got while attempting an upgrade to the latest ojs2. Would really appreciate your help on that too!

Thank you very much.