Error. reviews are missing after update 3.1.2

Today I am doing update tests of version 3.1.2
When I enter the submission section I get the following error:
When clicking Ok the only tab that has problems is that of all active, this list is blank
In the previous version if there were active items
I think my problem is the articles that are in review because when I activate the filter only the error appears when I select review

Try clearing you browser cache and then reload that page again. It could be that the old versions of .js files are being loaded and that is why the listing is not working.

No, I repeated the tests, clean browser and ojs history but the error message persists.
First I thought that my problem is that I migrated from eojs to 3.1.2 without updating to first.
After that I did the updates in order from to and then update to 3.1.2. but ojs still marking error with reviews.

Are you sure the system requirements were met?

Yes, we are following the update according to the indications of pkp.
We made migration from the console and from the page and both times the page has problems with the reviews.

Today I test other areas of the system and when I try to login like a editor, I mark error.

Have you checked your php error log?

Is your cache folder still writable?