Error PKP PN plugin


I installed several days ago the PKP PN plugin for archiving in the following journal:

I followed the steps, checked the 8 check-boxes, and I even obtained a “journal identifier”: 683906EB-ACDD-41BF-9944-04295FCB7839

However, after 14 days, the journal doesn’t seem to appear in the list of journals which have been “accepted”:

I wonder if there is something I have done incorrectly.
It’s true that although the plugin seems to be installed correctly, when I go to the plugin gallery, if I click on “Settings” I see all the checkboxes and the journal identifier, but if I click on “Status” I get the following error message (I don’t know if this is related or not with not being in the list of journals): *Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned.

Could anyone help me? Thank you very much in advance.

Hello @GuillerrmoGil,

A similar error for the PKP PN has been reported here: [OJS 3.1.2] PKP PN Plugin error - Failed Ajax request or invalid JSON returned [close] - #5 by diegomejia07 - you may wish to try what is suggested in the forum there to resolve this issue.

Best regards,

Public Knowledge Project Staff


For me the solution was to upgrade the PHP version on my server from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.3. now it works very well.

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