Error on access statistics page

Hi guys! A user return to us yesterday an error, as below:

This is a bug already reported?




Thanks ctgraham.

For information purposes, it was necessary, additionally, change the sql, add a “using” clause in the join between tables “articles” and “users”:

$result =& $this->retrieve(
‘SELECT LEAST(a.date_submitted, COALESCE(pa.date_published, NOW()), COALESCE(i.date_published, NOW()), u.date_registered) AS first_date
FROM articles a INNER JOIN users u on (a.user_id = u.user_id)
LEFT JOIN published_articles pa ON (a.article_id = pa.article_id)
LEFT JOIN issues i ON (pa.issue_id = i.issue_id)
LEFT JOIN articles a2 ON (a2.article_id < a.article_id AND a2.date_submitted IS NOT NULL AND a2.journal_id = ?)
LEFT JOIN roles r ON (u.user_id = r.user_id)
WHERE a2.article_id IS NULL AND
a.date_submitted IS NOT NULL AND
a.journal_id = ? AND
r.journal_id = ?’,
(int) $journalId,
(int) $journalId,
(int) $journalId

You actually want this change instead, I think:

It reverts the addition of the unqualified join of articles against users (which caused the problem), and adds in a new (more efficient) query for the earliest registration date.

I’m sorry, I haven’t saw the first fix.

Thanks again!