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i upgrade my ojs from to
upgrade successfully
i login in my OJS normally see image (capture_1_.PNG), and i click in “Administration”, after I clicked in any journal (i’m now in “submissions”) i get error see image (capture_2_.PNG)

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Hi @rebas_saber

Can the pdf of your article be clicked after the upgrade?
if the pdf doesn’t appear on the ojs page, you can make improvements to the config to make sure the ojs files setup is correct and check the folder permissions on the ojs files.

Can you show the logs that appear on your server? it would be very helpful.

Hi @goodzy
Thanks for reply.

yes clickable, but pdf is not displayed

i have this permission in my folder files : rwxr-xr-x

I did not find the logs in this new version of OJS

Hi @rebas_saber

yes clickable, but pdf is not displayed

It seems that this is caused by ojs files, you can make sure the config ojs files are properly configured in config. inc and also if you are using a VPS server, you can also check the owner of the folder whether the ojs files folder can be accessed on your OJS site.