Error lines in OJS pre-installation

Every time I install OJS, these error lines appear:

I know this question is common in the forum! But, my PHP configuration has disabled the option to show errors, and in the CONFIG file I also have all the options to show errors in Off:

show_stacktrace = Off
display_errors = Off
deprecation_warnings = Off
log_web_service_info = Off

Is it not possible to make them not appear?

related to the same, I was have configured my CONFIG file manually, with MySQLi and database info, but this is not recognized by the installation process, this is right?
If this information is to modify the CONFIG file, then I would expect this install form would take the information already previously (manually) provided in the CONFIG file

Hi @t4x0n,

The installer forces errors/warnings to be displayed on the screen, overriding the and php.ini settings. The proper solution to these messages will be to work through the code that causes them – but they’re cosmetic and only reported in certain (pickier) versions of PHP.

Check to make sure that you’re using the appropriate driver on the setup form – it’ll be MySQLi on PHP7 installations, not MySQL.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher, in the file I put MySQLi and then in the setup form I put MySQLi again, the installation is OK! (is not my problem). I just did want to know if this error was possible to disappear, but I did not know that the code is forcing errors display.

And, in the second post I did want to know another “cosmetic thing”, but maybe you could consider in the future, because if I modified the file before the installation process these modifications not appear in the form, and instead appearing “ojs2” for username and database name (not ojs3, because Application::getName() get Application Name variable from version.xml and in this file, version say ojs2 yet) .
But, those are others cosmetic thing, of course.


Hi @t4x0n,

The ojs2 symbolic name is a known issue – filed at issue #1839 – and it’s not a trivial fix, unfortunately, as ojs2 is knit into a few places in the database that would be tricky to change. I do intend to resolve this, but it’s a low priority at the moment, as it’s strictly cosmetic.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

ups I see… is not trivial, but is good to know you are in knowledge of that issue!

thanks for the reply!