Error installing OJS 3.0

Hello PKP Forum!

I’m having an issue trying to install OJS 3.0.2.
-Downloaded the zip, unzipped
-Uploaded on my webserver all the files
-Set the permissions to 755 to the files / folder suggested
-Folder for uploads created

But the result when i write the path in the browser is:
“This page doesn’t redirect in a correct way”
(sorry it’s a translation of “Questa pagina non reindirizza in modo corretto”)

What could it be?
THANKS as usual

Did you try to put just a simple index.html file in the folder and see what happens? I am thinking if this is more a server related problem than a problem with OJS.

yes ajnyga, and it works correctly…

Hi @Giulio_Anesa,

It’s possible that your server doesn’t correctly support PATH_INFO URLs. Try turning on the disable_path_info setting in to see if OJS starts working. If so, you can either use that mode, or configure your webserver so that PATH_INFO support can be enabled (recommended).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Great asmecher thank YOU! ojs installed

But… Now there is another strange problem… I cannot login.
So I tried the “Forgot your password?” link.
2 email was sent to me, one with the object “Password Reset Confirmation” and the other with “Password Reset” (with the new password).
But the new password doesn’t works!
How is it possible??

Hi @Giulio_Anesa,

Could you post that as a new question? That’ll help keep the forum organized.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team