Error install in OJS


hi everyone, I’m new people in OJS and I don’t know what it wrong in my install OJS
my OJS can’t show up all it have, and child page can’t show up I don’t know why it error. please help me!
thank you so much!

this is child page and it not have Current Issues, About and Archives on this

Hi @Oanh_Hoang,

Your installation process probably didn’t complete fully – try it again, and if you don’t get a message confirming a successful installation, check your PHP error log for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

my php error log can’t open. Can you help me, please!

Please enable php logging of errors.
Install some better editor for opening log files. Notepad is not th eright choice.
You can use for example Geany which you can freely download from

The safest what you can do for now is to try to install your OJS again.