Error in translation: Catalan


I realized there is an error in the Archives Section menu in Catalán language. Archives should be “Arxius” instead of “Archius”. I have already searched in the Locale files in the server and also in the OJS management website but I havent been able to find where is the problem. I have also seached in the Database but i havent found anything. I’m new with OJS (I have been working with it for a month now) so maybe I’m not searching in the correct way or sites.

Does anyone know where the Menu translation words are? Many thanks.

Here I add an image so you can see what I’m talking about.


HI @Toni_De_La_Rubia,

I suggest to use translator plugin, see: Strange string in article with more than one author

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs,

I already have installed the lastest version of the translator. Is this correct?

Also, I already access to the ca_ES locale.xml file but the incorrect translation doesnt appear. Where should it be?

Yes, that is it.

Regards, Primož

What version are you running? This key is found here in 3.1.2:

Is is possible that you have a custom menu item which is overriding the default Archives link in your menu? In that case, the translation would be in that Custom Navigation Menu Item.

Hi @ctgraham,

Im running OJS This file you make reference is correct (the correct word is “Arxius”) and looks the same in my ca_ES.xml file. By the way, maybe the previous manager made a Custom Navigation Menu Item. If that’s the case, probabily it wouldnt be in the Locale files or the DataBase so where should I search?

In the case of a Custom Navigation Menu Item, the preferred way to access this is through the Dashboard: Settings → Website → Navigation Menus.

You can then edit the Navigation Menu Item.

This data is found in the table navigation_menu_item_settings, in the field setting_value, as keyed by the navigation_menu_item_id, the setting_name “title” and the locale presumably of “ca_ES”. Directly editing the database is not recommended.

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I assume theres some error in the OJS translator since the only label is not translated is the Navitation menu.


Even if I edit the User Navigation Menu or the Primary Navigation Menu theres no errors in the translations. I can only find the error in the Settings → Website → Navigation Menus if I edit the “Archives” item in the ##manager.navigationMenuItems##


Hi all,

We’ve moved to a different translation tool since the last release – rather than using the translate plugin a please contact me for access and I’ll set you up! It’ll be much easier to use and share translation updates.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher I really apreciate if you could help me with this.

Hi @Toni_De_La_Rubia,

The translations for the menus are installed from the translation files when you create the journal. After that, you’ll have to correct it by editing the menu item in the setup interface.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher, the translations for the locale keys “manager.navigationMenus” and similar keys appear to be missing from the locale files in Catalan. Confirmed lib/pkp/locale/ca_ES/manager.xml in 3.1.1-4 and better, and lib/pkp/locale/ca_ES/manager.po in master.

Also FYI @marc .

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So what’s the problem, should I download a new manager.xml for the ca_ES dir?

The problem is (it appears) that these keys haven’t been translated yet. I know @marc is actively involved with testing updates to the Catalan translation based on the new tooling @asmecher mentioned, but this work will be for OJS 3.2, I think. The work may already be done for that version (but not yet committed to Github) or it may already be in progress. If work is underway for 3.2, it could be backported to 3.1.2; the file format has changed from XML to PO, however.

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But, I understand thats for the missing keys. Whats wrong with the incorrect translations? Is it a problem of the previous manager who manually introduced somewhere the “Archius” word or maybe its something else?

This word “Archius” would almost certainly have come from manual entry by a previous journal manager. It doesn’t exist in the 2.x or 3.x distributions, to my knowledge.

Sorry to arrive late to this post.

For reasons that I explained in other posts, both (es_ES and ca_ES) translations are quite outdated because we didn’t introduce any changes since OJS 3.1… but ca_ES situation is much more dramatic than es_ES.

Our plans is making a full review of the es_ES and ca_ES (by this order) in the new translation server, but it won’t happen till mid January because our translator is now overwhelmed with other stuff.

Between us, I’m crossing my fingers to arrive on time to be released with OJS 3.2 release, but we have our hands full.

@Toni_De_La_Rubia if you find missing chains or errors in translation files in old OJS versions I suggest you to PR them to github and mention me in the comments (@marcbria), so I can review them and approve the changes.

Thanks for your time,