Error in saving changes in Upgraded OJS

I upgraded the ojs to version 3.4. when saving the changes in setup section, i face with error " The form was not saved because 1 error(s) were encountered. Please correct these errors and try again."

Hi @Jpour_Mail,

There should be an indication further down the page of which field is missing. If not, could you review the language settings and make sure they’re correct?

PKP Team

Thanks for your response
The language setting is correct. there is no log file in the log folder
this error was created after upgrading the ojs 3.3 to ojs 3.4.

Hi @Jpour_Mail,

Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure exactly what might be the issue here, but others might have some clues and can offer advice.

PKP Team

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Thé problème IS langage setting
I have same problème.when i try to update information in english It work perfect but when i try arabic It not work…

It’s worth noting that I can save the changes when I switch the primary language, but I face an error when the primary language is set to English.

Hi @Jpour_Mail / @bachir,

Can you open your web browser’s developer tools and check the server’s response when you try to save the settings in a way that triggers the error?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks a lot.
In the Upgrading process, I first replaced the Localization Settings with the new version, which solved the problem.


I use OJS

I get error when saving the Settings>Appearance>Advanced form.

The error I get is “The form was not saved because 1 error(s) were encountered. Please correct these errors and try again.” Clicking on “Jump to the next error” leads to “journal stylesheet” which is on top of the form.

The console gives the following error:

Thank you for your support!
Kind regads,

I resolved the problem. The styleSheet.css file was causing it, but I don’t know why
I did the following to resolve:

  1. Download styleSheet.css by FTP (find it in folder: public/journals/1 (1 or another journal id)
  2. Remove styleSheet.css in OJS
  3. Save the form - it should work now
  4. Upload styleSheet.css in the OJS
  5. Save the form - it should work now