Error in Journal Setup-Step 5

We are writing on behalf of NeuroQuantology
( which is operating by Open Journals
System. We can’t open the link for setup 5 (The Look), in the settings page.

Could you please let us know how could i fix the issue?.

Journal Name: NeuroQuantology

Hi there,

What happens when you try to open that setup step? Any errors will be reported in your Apache server error log. Have a look there and see what you find.


Thank you so much.

Please find the below words when i clicked on the link set up 5. It is OJS old version i am using.

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


That’s a very generic server error. You’ll need to talk to your systems administrator and look in the server logs to find the specific cause. If you’re using an old version of OJS, it may be that it is no longer compatible with the PHP software running on your server.


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I will contact my system administrator.

Thank you.

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