Error in DOI export plugin in OJS 3.1

When opening the CrossRef XML Export Plugin settings I get this error:
Notice: Undefined variable: exportRepresentations in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\classes\plugins\ on line 56

error ojs

There are also these error messages shown in boxes:

Plugin requirements not met The plugin is not fully set up.

Plugin requirements not met Articles are not selected for DOI assignment in the DOI public identifier plugin, so there is no deposit or export possibility in this plugin.

How do I solve this?


I will tag @bozana so that she can check this later.

You could try going to you DOI settings (Settings=>Website=>Plugins=>Search for DOI plugin=>Click the blue triangle=>Open the settings and see that everything is ok. Usually you should have articles selected in the settings => hit save button. Not sure if that helps.

But basically that notice error is probably not doing much else than breaking the javascript on that page. I would suggest that you edit your php error settings so that those notices get logged only in your error log file OR just disable the notice errors altogether.

Hi @eddoff

Yes, @ajnyga is right – you would first need to setup everything needed in your OJS installation, e.g. the DOI plugin settings, in order for the Crossref export/registration to work properly. Did you set up your DOI plugin? Also the Crossref plugin settings (the page from your screenshot) i.e. at least the depositor name and e-mail will have to be entered and saved. You would also need to assign the DOIs to the wished articles. Then, when everything is set up properly and some DOIs assigned to the articles, the list of those articles will be listed at the page from your screenshot, in a new tab “Articles”.

@ajnyga is also right regarding the PHP notice.


Thank you for your replies!
Now I have set up both plugins.
I don’t get that error any longer. I will set up the error handling so that errors goes to the log instead.