Error in author's list with "include in browse"-element

Hi there,

I noticed a minor error in our OJS-3-installation with the browse list. I know this list is just a relict from the old OJS, but I think the error might be a problem for other elements, too, so I wanted to point this out.

The author “Redaktion, die” (which translates to “editorial staff”) should not be included in the browse list. The setting was made accordingly.

At first I thought the problem was only a missing if-query - and indeed it is missing, but that’s not the main problem. Because with the if-query none of the authors shows, because include_in_browse-setting is set to “false” for every author.
I understand the author settings are retrieved in /lib/pkp/classes/submission/
There is the line

$author->setIncludeInBrowse($row[‘include_in_browse’] == 1 ? true : false);

I changed “1” to “” (empty) to check, if the value is empty and indeed it seemes to be. So I think the value isn’t retrieved at all.
As far as I can tell the query responsible for this is this one:

$result = $this->retrieve(
‘SELECT a.*, ug.show_title
FROM authors a
JOIN user_groups ug ON (a.user_group_id=ug.user_group_id)
WHERE a.submission_id = ? ’ .
($useIncludeInBrowse ? ’ AND a.include_in_browse = ?’ : ‘’)
. ’ ORDER BY seq’,

But I don’t understand the Where clause, so I’m stuck finding a solution. Can someone help me?

Kind regards

Hi @UBWolf

As far as can see it this setting/option is not considered at all in that search SQL, s. this function ojs/ at ojs-stable-3_1_1 · pkp/ojs · GitHub. Thus, no matter what is in the column “include_in_browse” in the DB table authors, it will not be considered.
I’ve forgotten what this option means :-\ – maybe @asmecher could help me?

Else, I did not totally understand what is the problem with the entries in that column in your installation :-\ For me it seems to work: depending on the setting in the submissions authors metadata, the appropriate value (0 or 1) is set in the DB…


Hi all,

The “Include in browse” element distinguishes “major” contributors such as authors from other kinds of contributors. The “include in browse” contributors are listed in the table of contents, but the others are excluded. All contributors should be listed on the article’s detail page.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks @asmecher. That means it is correct that that option/setting is not relevant in the search…

Sorry for my late reply, but I was on vacation. Thanks for the answers. I think it would be good to change the wording, something like “include in table of contents”.

Kind regards

Hi all and @asmecher,

I also vote for changing the wording, as UBWolf suggested. The option may determine wether the author is listed in google scholar.


Hi @carola,

Are you sure this determines whether the content is included in Google Scholar? Scholar should use the citation_author meta element, which is present on the monograph’s landing page (when the Google Scholar plugin is enabled). It should list all authors, regardless of the checkbox state.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @smecher,

I was told that the author is missing in google scholar, but I checked it now and he is listed. I’ll clarify this.

Still, renaming would be a good thing to do!


EDIT The authors first and second name were interchanged. That why he can’t be found in google scholar. Sorry and thanks, Alec!

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