Error getting OJS to work on bluehost

I am trying to get OJS to work on a new domain I purchased with blue host. I uploaded and unpacked. But did not see the theme and could not activate it. So I contacted the bluehost support

They replied
As we are from tenhnical support team and provide support for WordPress websites issue and cPanel tools. So unfortunately we won;t be having access to theme vendor server. As it has it own server. So not exactly sure about the theme files. So you will need to contact them and get the files and we will definitely help you in activating it from our end. Hope you understand
And also we do not have access to other server to access the URL. So if you upload the theme zip file in the file manager we can easily activate it in the website./

Please how can i get OJS to work on bluehost or any other hosting site?

It sounds like you are trying to use OJS as a theme within Wordpress. OJS is, instead, an independent application. Please confirm you are following the steps of the installation instructions here:

Does it mean I need to first download it to my local computer before uploading to a server? I hope to host OJS on bluehost hosting site