Error creating new issue in OJS 2.4.6


We are getting several errors since updating our OJS of 2.3.8 to 2.4.6.

First we can’t to upload files durign submission process, but we can solve it by configuration and writable permission to files directory.

But now we can’t create new issues. Next to complete the form we are redirect to

Reviewing the log file we find this:

[Thu Jun 04 21:02:52 2015] [error] [client] NOTICE: Use of undefined constant STYLE_SEQUENCE_CORE - assumed 'STYLE_SEQUENCE_CORE' (/var/www/, referer:

At the moment our configuration files is:

files_dir	/var/www/
public_files_dir	public
umask	18

and our permissions are:

tic:/var/www/ mkdir files
tic:/var/www/ chmod 775 files

Can you help us?

Hi @santillan,

What you mean by next to complete the form? You’re just redirected without doing anything? Or you try to upload a file or save the form?


In addition to @beghelli’s good questions, are there other messages in the error log? The one you found will not affect the workflow.

Unfortunatelly still I can’t to solve this problem. But I could to identify that is not an OJS problem, it is a hosting problem, because I can’t to change CHMOD permissions.

Thanks anyway :wink: