Error 500 with Bib epub viewer (OMP

I have been using OMP and Bibi epub viewer with no issues. I updated OMP to recently and it is likely related to that. I am using a shared host, so I am not sure where I can find helpful logs.
I am using:

OS platform Linux
PHP version 8.1.28
Apache version LiteSpeed
Database driver mysql
Database server version 10.6.17-MariaDB-cll-lve

Any idea on how to troubleshoot this? (by the silence in the forum, it seems that my issue is isolated).

Thanks in advance,

Hi @Murilo_Melo

Please try to check with the provider where you host the OMP how to find the PHP error logs to add here. Unfortunately, without the logs it will be very difficult for us to help.

Thanks @abadan!

I found this error:

It seems that the problem is not related to the BIBI epub plugin. There is a fatal error with the DublinCoreMeta plugin when trying to get the DOI of this submission:

PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getDoi() on null in /home/cdlmoodl/

I don’t know what could have caused the problem. I suggest checking:

  • Is this plugin properly updated according to the OMP version?
  • Does deactivating the generic dublin core plugin solve the problem? (just for testing while looking for the cause of the problem)

Thanks, again @abadan!

Yes, disabling Dublin solved the issue. Not a Bibi issue.
I think Dublin is auto-installed with OMP. It doesn’t show on the Plugin Gallery and I didn’t install it manually…(I think).
I updated OMP through cPanel/Softaculous. Apparently no errors.

Thanks again!