Error 500 when click "Register"

Hello, I have installed OJS 3.3 but when I click “Register” button the following message appear:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


Please help me to solve this issue.

You may want to check your webserver logs to see what specific error is causing the HTTP Error 500… if you share those logs here you’ll have more chances to find help.

Best regards

Thank you for your reply Sir…but I don’t know how to find out the webserver logs…could you please guide me on this matter Sir…

Log file

Is that the webserver logs file Sir? :point_up_2:

Log file 2

or this one Sir? :point_up_2:

Hi there again … I’d say that the second option will help you find the cause of the problem.

You should check what error is logged there at the moment you press the Register button.