Error 404 for Report Generator under Report Plugins

Dear sir,

We’ve been using OJS multiple journal installation version for our institution since May 2017. One of our users recently reported that she’s getting error “404 Not Found” when opening any of the Report Generator under Report Plugins list for the individual journal.


I’ve tried your OJS 3.x Testdrive to find out what the page is supposed to look like but it also produced the same error. Can you please advise on how to correct this?

Thank you.

Hi @dserter

You can reach the report generators as journal manager when you go to the Tools > Statistics.


Noted @bozana , thank you.

It’s just that my user asked about the error so I was wondering if there’s any solution. Thanks again.

Hi @dserter

Track this GitHub Issue for the patch/fix to come: Report Generator links on the plugins listing page do not work · Issue #2691 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub


i follow instruction and i got this message

i need to ask again, this report type is CSV ? how to give link the others?

Hi @Muhammad_Khoiruddin

Hmmm… Which OJS version are you using?
Would it be possible for you to log the DB queries and get the whole query that makes the problem?

Yes, that report is in CSV format and you would need to manually provide it (in a wished form) to the others.


I use ojs 3.0.1 version

Hmmm… This version is a little bit older… would it be possible for you to update to the new?