EPUB Viewer Plugin, how to view EPUB published research papers, after Installing plugin

I have installed EPUB Viewer plugin, but I’m wondering how our authors can view EPUB files in our publication. Please suggest.

Hi @IJELLH, it looks like this plugin is built and maintained by EKT. You may be able to get help by opening an issue at their public GitHub repository at GitHub - EKT/epubJsViewer-ojs.

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Okay, thanks. I will try to reach them.

Sir, unfortunately the required information was not there, but I really appreciate your help.

Eh instalado y habilitado el modulo epubJsViewer desde https://github.com/EKT/epubJsViewer-ojs/releases/tag/v1_0_0-0 para poder visualizar los archivos EPUB pero aun así no se visualizan en vez de ello se descarga el archivo.

Please send reply in English