EPUB Viewer Plugin don´t visualize the file

Hi, I’ve installed the plugin epubJsViewer to be able to view the EPUB files but they are still not displayed instead the file is downloaded. Actually, I’am using the ojs

Hi @Nicolas_Aguirre_Espi,

Is there a Public URL available for your article that I could test this out for?

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis , this could be an article for test https://revistasupgrade.utp.edu.co/index.php/prueba/article/view/25131

I have seen in the data base in the table files and I don’t know if the mymetipe correct is application/zip or it doesn’t affect anything

Hello @Nicolas_Aguirre_Espi,

Hmm… that link didn’t work for me. A regular mimetype for epub is usually application/epub+zip - so that is maybe partially correct - or OJS/your DB is not recognizing it correctly.

PKP Team

Do you have any idea why the DB is not recognizing it correctly the css files and epub files too?

Hi @Nicolas_Aguirre_Espi

I’ve checked other published submissions on your installation and they are not loading neither PDF nor HTML.
Could you please review your config.inc.php file and ensure the files_dir parameter is pointing to the right folder in your server? Also, check the permissions to write/upload content to to this folder.


I’ve already check the permissions but the problem is when the mimetype is charge into the database, when I change for example text/x-asm to text/css automatically the styles function well