Encountering Multiple Errors After Migrating Application to New Server

Hello There,
I am using OJS version

  1. Upon navigating to a journal info page, I consistently encounter error or warning messages appearing at the top of the screen. I have attached a screenshot for reference.

  2. When accessing administrative functions, clicking on system information redirects to a page displaying a log of errors. I have attached screenshots showcasing this issue.

These problems were not present prior to migrating the application to the new server. Could someone provide insights or solutions to address these errors? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there @Ayush_Mandal

About the warning displayed on the public pages, you may want to check file permissions of the ‘public’, ‘files’ and ‘cache’ directories of your OJS installation. They should be accessible and writable by the webserver (in Linux is tipically the www-data user but I don’t know in a Windows environment)

About the error, it seems your PHP is lacking a module. you may try to edit your
php.ini file:

in Windows:




Hope that helps! :slight_smile: