Enable conference manager account

I have a slightly odd issue where it appears that ALL Conference Manager roles on my OCS installation appear to have been disabled. When logging on with any CM role I receive the following error;

"Your account has been disabled. Please contact the administrator for more information. "

As I can’t login to enable myself I looked at the underlying database.

Looking at the users table via mysql cmd line and compared it with a working site and as far as I can see the username, password (or password hash value), are the same and the disabled field is equal to 0 in both cases.

It there any other tables I would need to be aware of that set values when a user account is enabled/disabled.

For clarity, there are no errors being reported in the error.log.

Hi @Darren_Moore,

Have you set up your installation to use an outside authentication source, such as LDAP?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thank you for the suggestion. After investigation it appears that IT Dept had been ‘playing’ and resolved my external FQDN to a different server than the one developing on. This new server didn’t have my account created so when I tried to log on it failed. When I accessed it locally it worked.

Save me from IT!

Again thanks for the suggestion.