Empty PublishedArticle Object for most of the published articles


While working around with integrating my PHP code into OJS as a plugin I have found that for most of my articles (but not all) calling PublishedArticle from a plugin returns null (on article detail page). Don’t know an importance of it, but decided to open a new topic. In several articles PublishedArticles object returns array only in one locale and in other is null. Where this object is null recommendByAuthor plugin is not working. What is a reason of it?

Strange, when using Templates::Article::Main hook all seems to be OK, but with Templates::Article::Footer::PageFooter hook is not. Maybe it should work so. Nevertheless worked it through.

Can you share the code that was giving you trouble?

there seems to be a problem if several plugins are using the same template hook, see Making a plugin for OJS3 - #16 by ajnyga

I did not look into this yet, but at least the recommend articles same author and embedGalley plugins seem to collide some way.

The problem was consistent on testing. Opened an issue on GitHub: Strange behavior when using 2+ plugins with the same hook · Issue #2527 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub