Emails not sent on second languages [solved]

I have setup OJS 3 for single journal and at point of creating new users I noticed that when you create user and enable Send user a welcome email. on English language email and data is sent, but in Serbian cyrillic (sr_SR) OJS send just empty email actually it just send signature:



I have checked email template and it is translated and contain all items just like English version.

I have just installed another language Croatian and can confirm that problem is with Serbian translation file emailTemplates.xml that is translated and created by translator plugin.

Hi @knjigor,

Check the list of emails in Journal Setup to ensure that the welcome email has been translated in that language. Note that the XML files for emails are installed to the database upon journal creation, so after that the XML files will not be referred to. (This does not apply to the other locale files, just the email templates.)

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi Alec, emails are translated, but I have transfer file to system after installation, what could I do to install it to database but without creating journal again?

I have removed language and added it again (installed) and emails are sent now.

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