Emailing all Users in OJS

One of my editors is wondering if he can email all users or all those users with the Editor or Reviewer roles from the system. I’m not finding any way to do this. Does he just need to keep his own mailing list in his email program for editorial communication purposes?

In OJS 3.1.0-1 users have option which announcements. notifications they would like to receive and which not. Thus, I am not sure whether will be OK to override the users’ preferences in that regard.
Posting announcement would be maybe OK.

Yeah, it’s not an announcement that he wants to use it for, but rather, for regular communications between the editorial staff and reviewers. He just wants to email them all simultaneously rather than one at a time.

Is your scenario that editor wants to mail all reviewers or all reviewers that have the same assignment?

He wants to email all reviewers and/or editorial board members at the same time.

I guess that it would be better to use some mail program for that purpose. However, maybe you could experiment with Assign Participant in the editing part of submission that includes review, copyediting…

Follow-up question: Some users have reported that when prompted to change their password after logging in the first time, they never receive the email to do so. Is there a way to check if those reset emails are going out?