Email variables and Inserting Content in OJS 3.4

Hello, we are now on OJS We are exploring the update to OJS One feature that we have been looking for is in the emails back to authors, when the reviewer comments are inserted, it also automatically pulls in the reviewer recommendation.

In exploring the 3.4 update, it appears that there is more flexibility to “insert content” in an emails, one of those content pieces being the reviewer comments/recommendation.

Is this library of “insert content” variables editable so that we could eliminate the reviewer recommendation from the email and only include the reviewer comments?

Thank you!

Hi @hxo82,

Good question. The various pieces of content that OJS that one pulls in are not editable themselves - meaning, you can’t edit what specific information that they pull in - this is all pre-defined, but once you “insert” them into the email, you are free to edit them as you see fit. I just tested this out, and I was able to remove the decision from a review, and leave the remainder of the content. Does that help?

PKP Team

Yes, thank you @rcgillis. This is actually what we’ve been doing in OJS 3.3, so I just wondered if we updated if we had the ability to now automate it. It’s been a thorn for our senior editors who sometimes forget to delete that when in the workflow. They want the authors to see the comments but not the recommendations themselves as they sometimes vary among reviewers (some suggesting decline, some suggestion accept with revisions, etc), and so they can cause confusion for the authors. They have been asking if there’s a way to just remove those so they don’t have to remember delete them each time. So maybe a note to make that a possible option in the future? :slight_smile: Thank you for checking on it for me!