Email Template cannot be loaded (Review Complete)


Current Version: OJS 3.0.2
Locale: en_US, es_ES

The email after a reviewer completes the review is not being sent. The problem might be related to the REVIEW_COMPLETE template.

If I check the file in the locale/en_US/emailTemplate.xml the key REVIEW_COMPLETE is there (and in the es_ES locale).

<email_text key="REVIEW_COMPLETE">
	<subject>Article Review Completed</subject>
<br />

I have now completed my review of "{$submissionTitle}" for {$contextName}, and submitted my recommendation, "{$recommendation}."
<br />

	<description>This email is sent by a Reviewer to the Section Editor to notify them that a review has been completed and the comments and recommendations have been recorded on the journal web site.</description>

But, when I check through the translator plugin the us_EN locale I can’t see the REVIEW_COMPLETE key.

If I go to Settings > Workflow > Emails, I can also see an entry related to Article Review Complete, where the Key is REVIEW_COMPLETE with the text from the /locale/xx_XX file and is checked!.

I might be missing something, what should I check?. Please give me some light.

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I think that OJS3 does not use that template at all at the moment?

I believe that the editors are notified only when all the reviews for a submission are done. So basically you should not get an email after each review.


That template is indeed not used and we are having manager’s and author’s asking for it too.
I’ve been looking in classes/submission/reviewer/… did all functions gone like recordRecommendation - where REVIEW_COMPLETE is sent ?

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The “all reviews are in” message is handled here, if I have understood correctly:

Hi @ajnyga,

Thank you for your time.
Sorry for a confusing description. I was mentioning the code where the template REVIEW_COMPLETE was sent before, and that I don’t/can’t find in 3.0.2. If possible I wanted to change it in order to notifications are sent without the need for all reviews to be complete.

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I think they replaced a lot of the old templates with the notification system I mention above. This template just happened to be left there although OJS3 does not use it anymore. @asmecher can maybe confirm this, this is just my understanding.

I have not looked at the code in detail, but in order to get a notification everytime a review is submitted, you would have to add a notification there and trigger it when a review is sent. Not sure how easy this would be.

It is a delicate balance between too many/too few emails coming from the system.

edit: looking at the code a bit closer, I do not actually know why REVIEW_ROUND_STATUS_REVIEWS_READY status would not trigger a editor notification but the REVIEW_ROUND_STATUS_REVIEWS_COMPLETE would? &

It could be that I am just not understanding the notification system correctly here.

Thank you for all the replies, you are giving me a wider understanding of the issue.

Let’s wait for Alec reply, to see if there’s a way to handle the issue or if there’s plan to it in the incoming 3.1 version.

Thank you

Hi @hekutoru2kx (and @ajnyga),

The REVIEW_COMPLETE email template has been removed from the codebase, but it’s not deleted from the database when you upgrade in case there was some custom wording that you wanted to preserve.

The notification system is a bit of a tangle and we’ll be working on it in the next few releases to improve and clarify its structure.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Hi @asmecher,

Thank you for your insight about this.

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