Email problems in OCS - time_between_emails?

Hi everyone!

I have a major problem with sending emails within the abstract acceptance by track directors.

The track directors decide about acceptance of an abstract AND after it they send email notification about the result by clicking the little envelope at the end of the review (abstract) page.

Now the email form appears and track directors fill everything and send it.

The first time everything works fine, but during the second (and further) attempt it only looks like the message has been send but it is not.

After checking spam folder, asking submitting authors (got no message), and trying the same as a director and admin my intention was the time_between_email limitation in the is the reason for the problem. So I changed it from 300 to 10. After I clicked on “Clear Data Caches” and “Clear Template Cache”. I still face the problem. Even after half an hour I cannot send new emails successfully.

Is there anyone with the same problem before? I need instant help because track directors must review before X-Mas and authors should be notified too.

Thanks a lot! Daniel

Hi @danielbrohm,

The time_between_email setting, if it’s set too low, should result in a warning message. If you have emails not being delivered, but you’re not seeing an error message, it’s more likely that your mail server isn’t delivering the message, or that it’s getting trapped by downstream spam filters. Are you using SMTP or local mail delivery? If local, do you have access to your server’s mail delivery logs?

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team