Email notification not working OJS


Dear Sir/Mam,

I am using OJS 3.1.0 on my website with multiple journals hosted on single OJS installation.

I am trying to add as author using register feature. But after successfully submission of register form i am not getting any confirmation email in case of Validation=On, even after doing the Validation to off I am not getting the welcome email.
List of email notification I am not getting are:
– New user register – welcome email
– New user register – validation email
– New issue publish – Issue publish notification
– Register as reviewer – welcome email etc.
I have tried to find out the reason – But No error logs are created in OJS directory. There is even no email log in database.
However I am able to add users as author after logging in as journal manager, after login as option I am able to submit new article and getting email notification of submission acknowledgement only.

I have installed another OJS on another domain, but there all email notification are working fine without any issue. I checked the setting on both domains but it looks same.
Please help me to sort out the issue.
Naveen Malik

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Hi @navmalik,

It is likely that your mail transfer agent (MTA) is failing to deliver the emails. You’ll need to find your server’s email log – either the web server’s MTA log (if you’re not using SMTP) or your SMTP server’s delivery log (if you are using SMTP).

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team