Email notification about document upload not reliable


I have noticed that I was not notified by OJS system when an author uploaded a revised paper. Usually, I receive an automatic email notifying me about certain action (e.g. document has been uploaded for paper number ##…).
In this particular case, the author uploaded the document and in the log system it says “A file revision “AGS, revision 2.docx” was uploaded for submission [paper ID number] by [auhor user name].” Therefore, the action happened and it is marked in the paper’s history (log).
However, I haven’t received any email. This is quite problematic if something happens and I (as an editor) am not notified about the action. We are using version
Did anyone experience the same issue? How did you solve it?

Thank you!

Hi @rokci,

What notifications you receive might depend on how you have them setup in your profile. If you go to the top right-hand corner of your screen (when logged in), click on the person icon and then click “Edit Profile” → “Notifications” - you should be able to see your Notification options.

PKP Team

Thank you @rcgillis! My settings are correct. And I have received such notifications before. It happened only in this one case (or better to say - I have noticed it because an auther mailed me separately). Usually, I receive such notifications, but now I worry if such thing happens again…