Email function does not work

Dear all,
suddenly, emails are not sent any more from OJS.
We checked the “Prepared Emails” Setups in the Management pages; now we don’t know what else can be the problem.
It worked perfectly well with sending Emails until some weeks ago…

Best regards! kopi

Check your webserver’s error log, and your mail log for more information.

The way to find the mail log will vary widely from system to system.

The first thing to check is whether you’ve configured an outgoing SMTP mailserver in If so, the webserver’s error log will be on your system, but you will need to contact the administrator of the SMTP server for details on the mail log.

If you are not using SMTP, mail is delivered via the local system (the PHP mail() command) first. If you are hosted, check with your hosting provider for the mail logs. If you run your own server, it will depend on the *nix flavor: .

If some email is getting through, but some is not, this may be a result of increasing Sender Protection Framework (SPF) usage. SPF tries to ensure that the server which originates an email matches the domain of the “From” line in the email. OJS 2.4.6 added additional support for SPF.