eLens plugin does not show images

I have two problems with the plugin.

  1. When the article does not have tables, the figures are not shown. If the article has tables, everything is perfectly shown tables and figures.
  2. It does not show me the translation of the abstract or the keywords, my magazine publishes in 2 languages.

OJS version. 3.3.0-8

Hi @JoannaB,

Are you able to provide a link to your journal where this is occurring?
What version of the eLens plugin are you using? there was a similar issue with respect to images noted here: An image is not shown in XML - but that may or may not be a factor depending on what version of the plugin you’re using.

PKP Team

HI, the online version is
I am testing version 3.3.0-8 to migrate.
Check the post that you mention and if there are changes in the plugin code lines.
I share the link to XML and HTML
Article with only images (Error)


Article with tables and images


Hi @JoannaB,

Thanks for sharing the links. I forgot to ask: can you let us know what version of the eLens plugin you’re using. I’m not entirely sure what is going on here, but I’ll see if one of our team members who’s more familiar with the eLens plugin can assist.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hi @rcgillis
We are using the plugin that is in version we did not upload any additional plugin. In the link to the problem you mentioned above it mentions some changes in the code, check and those changes are already included in this version.

Tienes mucha razón eh tratado de solucionar el problema de muchas maneras y la verdad solo se me ocurrió crear una etiqueta de tipo tabla en el cuerpo del XML solo para que pueda mostrar las imágenes

<table-wrap id="gt2">

al final termino solucionándome el problema las imágenes se muestran a pesar de no tener tablas
aquí un ejemplo: https://doi.org/10.37073/puriq.4.357

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A mi me funciono solo poniendo la etiqueta . No quise incluir ningun Id ni texto.