Editors see different lists of articles "in editing"



I have one editor who sees 4 articles in editing but when he clicks the link only 3 articles display for him. All the other editors see the 4 articles. I can’t find any explanation for this. Any ideas?


There is a menu on the top of the ‘in editing’ page were the editor can select which articles should be displayed to him. The number behind the link shows all articles but the list might only show the articles he is assigned to or only articles from a certain section. Let him check he selected ‘all articles’ and ‘all sections’.


Wonderful! Problem solved :slight_smile:
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is there any way to hide the option “assigned to all editors”? We really want to restrict the access of the editors to the submissions assigned to them. Thanks for your support.


Hi @markusfischer,

That’s the purpose of the Section Editor role; try using that instead.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team



thank you for your answer. But I thought the Section Editor role would only be used to define special sections within the journal. We are using the concept of the Editor role for our Editorial Board. But I could not find any option to restrict the access to “assigned to me”.


Hi @markusfischer ,

The Section Editor role should be able to do what you want; I’d suggest giving it a try.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team