Editorial Policies that are recommended for a journal

Good morning everyone!

We are planning to set up an OJS for our journal for an annual fee and the PKP Team recommended us to prepare a number of specific policies (e.g. on copyright, editorial policies, peer review policies, etc.) that are important for the operations of the journal. I just would like to know if there are a number of policies that are must-haves for every journal.

Basically we have a lot of questions because we are new to this kind of publishing service, but this is all for now.

The Library Publishing Coalition is a good resource for such things: http://www.librarypublishing.org/resources/shared-documentation.

At the University Library System, University of Pittsburgh, we now use a Service Agreement instead of an MOU. We would be happy to share that with you. Our standard Author Agreement is now CC-BY, but we have other versions as well. We also would be willing to share our documentation with you. You can contact us at e-journals@mail.pitt.edu. We’d be happy to set up a conference call as well if you would like to chat briefly.

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Thank you for answering my query! The OJS was just recently installed for our journal and I’m going through the editorial policies that should be included. Will contact you for request of documentation.