Editorial Board Overlap in Different Journals

I am managing 5 journals and there are a few users who serve on multiple review boards. For example, one person is associate editor of one journal and main editor of another. I can’t add him to multiple journal roles with only one email address. What do I do when people serve on more than one journal? Do they have to use different email addresses to get around this issue? Thanks.

Hi @trey1111,

Godo one! In the OJS2 there was an option to ‘Enroll existing user’ to the new journal. I just checked and I can’t find it in the OJS3.

Regards, Primož

There is a similar function in OJS 3. Go to Users & Roles and click Search. Underneath the search field there is a checkbox “Include users with no roles in this journal.”

If you check the checkbox the search will include users on the same installation who are enrolled on other journals.

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Thank you. I was able to find the user and update their roles that way.

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