Editorial Activity Chart Shows Statistics of All Journals to Any Editor on OJS

I’m not sure if this is a duplicate post, but couldn’t find a similar topic in my search.
In a multijournal & multidomain installation, any editor that logged into backend see the same Editorial Activity graphics. Although the numbers show correct statistics, the circle and neighbouring statistics are not correct. Please see screenshots
Is there any patch for this?

base_url = "https://journals.akademisyen.net"
base_url[index] = https://journals.akademisyen.net/index
base_url[cmj] = https://www.citymedicaljournal.com/cmj
base_url[tjcr] = https://journals.akademisyen.net/tjcr
base_url[atb] = https://www.adlitipbulteni.com/atb


I can confirm that this issue has been fixed in release candidate for OJS 3.2.1.

I couldn’t find the related topic for OJS 3.2 in Github but I found an issue record for OPS. If I have done something wrong, please indulge and guide correctly.


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