Editor/Manager and Reviewer - is it possible to see workflow?

Hi, I am Journal Editor for a new journal about to launch in October. I am reviewing a couple of the articles and cannot see the workflow even after my review is completed. Feeling a bit panicked about this as I can’t see if other reviewers have done their review. What can I do?
I can see other threads such as Some small things we'd like to see but this seems to be an unresolved issue. Or is there a workaround?
Using OJS 3.02 bootstrap.
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Dear @gail,
In OJS 3.x, if you have multiple roles for an article, you will get rights of the lowest hierarchy.

For example, if you are editor and reviewer for the same article, you will get rights of a reviewer only. So, you may not be able to see the workflow as an editor.

This link may be useful:


Hello @gail,

This indeed happens, but if you try to access the submission throught the “tasks” menu and click on the notification message "All reviews are in and a decision is needed in Review. ", you can, again, access the submission as Editor. Through submissions menu, the access is only as a reviewer. At least this is what I experience and how I go around it. Hope it helps!

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Thanks, anupent and digitojs,
Okay. I wanted to see the different parts of the system in action from everyone’s point of view: as contributor, as reviewer etc to help me in my role as editor. So unless all reviews are in, there is no unlock of the editor’s role.

I still have a problem: Now that I have taken Reviewer off my list of roles, I should be able to see the reviews or at least which reviewers have submitted. The problem now is that I can see the stage things are at for those I have never been listed as a reviewer but still not for those where I was a reviewer. I get the message: “The current role does not have access to this operation”. .How do I access an overview of the workflow for those papers?



Also, how can I see the submissions once they are in review? As an editor, I need to be able to anticipate how to assemble issues before all reviews are in.

I have the setting on Open Review. Does this help or hinder access to submissions?