EDITOR_DECISION_ email templates

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We are in the process of upgrading the last of our 3.1.x journals to 3.2, and in testing, we note that none of the often-used EDITOR_DECISION_ emails (with the exception of EDITOR_DECISION_INITIAL_DECLINE) contain a {$recommendation}, and leave the reader hanging on the decision. Were these templates always intentionally left for editors to manually populate, or are we seeing a manifestation of this bug in this or a previous upgrade? Is it appropriate to append {$recommendation} here?

Would someone be able to post the text of a more complete version of these email templates (in English and French, if possible) if they were present in an older version of OJS?

Thanks so much.

Hi @jordanclaire,

The Editor_Decision emails have the decision built directly into the email text, so a variable is not needed. There should be a different email template for each decision that an editor can make. The details can be found in the description for each template. For example, The Editor_Decision_Revisions template description says “This email from the Editor or Section Editor to an Author notifies them of a final “revisions required” decision regarding their submission,” while the Editor_Decision_Decline template says “This email from the Editor or Section Editor to an Author notifies them of a final “decline” decision regarding their submission,” and so on. The full text of the email should be as follows (with differences after “our decision is” depending on which template is chosen).


We have reached a decision regarding your submission to {$contextName}, “{$submissionTitle}”.

Our decision is: Revisions Required

No changes were made to the email template text in OJS 3.2, so if you are seeing different template text then this may indeed be a bug. Please let me know if you see something different to the above.

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Aha—ours all end with “Our decision is:”. Can you provide me with the appropriate last line for each of the EDITOR_DECISION_* templates?

Much appreciated!

Hi @jordanclaire,

All of the editor decision email template text can be found here: ojs/emails.po at main · pkp/ojs · GitHub


Thanks so much, Kate!