Editor control of reviewer request status?

Hello, using OJS 3.1, is there way (as it seems there used to be in OJS 2) for a journal editor who has sent a review request to a potential reviewer, to mark that request as ‘accepted’ without having to log in as the reviewer? Often the response from a reviewer comes back to the editor by some channel outside OJS, and it would be convenient if the editor could keep the system up to date on their own.
Thank you for any info!
James Rice

Hi @James_Rice,

Yes - the one-click reviewer acess is in OJS 3.1. If you go to Settings → Workflow → Review, it’s the last option at the bottom - a checkbox (I checked in 3.1.2 - but I don’t suspect there is much differences in OJS 3.1 versions for this feature).

PKP Team

Hi Roger, thank you for your message!
The one-click reviewer access that you mention looks very useful, but actually it seems different from what I was trying to ask about (apologies if I did not phrase my original post clearly). Is there a way that the editor can set a review request to ‘accepted’, without the reviewer having too interact with the system at all (quick-link or otherwise)? So for example if the reviewer receives the review request, and then phones the editor to say ‘yes’, the editor wants to be able to log in to the system herself and update the request status in OJS without asking the reviewer to do anything further, and without having to log in “as” the reviewer.
I’m told this was possible in OJS 2, though I am entirely new to OJS so I have no direct experience of earlier versions. Sorry also if I am asking very basic questions.
Thank you very much for you time!

Hi @James_Rice,

I think in OJS 2 this was done through the one-click review as it existed for OJS 2, which could’ve been designed a bit differently. As you noted, this could be done by logging in as the user, but there’s not really a way to do this in the manner that you describe in OJS 3. I think this is by design, because there is a need for the reviewer to interact, at least minimally in the system, and have that be recorded.


Hi Roger, this is really helpful, thank you!

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