Editor Assignment Email Not Showing on OJS

I want to assign editor and notify them by email when I click email simbol (pict 1), template email not showing (empty). Anyone can help me?

Pict 1

Pict 2

System Information :
OJS Version :

Server Information :
OS platform : Linux
PHP version : 5.3.3
Apache version : Apache/2.2.15 (CentOS)
Database driver : mysql
Database server version : 5.1.73

Hi @andrewdion04

The icon you are showing is not for that e-mail template – it is just to be able to contact the assigned (section) editor from this part of the system – thus a free e-mail…
When you click on “Add section editor” or “Add editor” and then choose/assign an editor, the wished e-mail template will/should be displayed.


the wished e-mail template will/should be displayed.

I still can’t fine email template after Add Editor and assigned.

Hi @andrewdion04

When you as journal manager go to Prepared Emails, do you see the e-mail template EDITOR ASSIGN there?

What do you see when you add/assign an editor or section editor?