Editing User Roles for Users in Multi-Journal Installation

Hi everyone,

We encountered an issue where one of our journal managers was unable to edit a user, presumably because that user was enrolled in multiple journals across the installation. I understand from this thread that this is an expected behaviour, but this means that journal managers are not able to edit the roles of some users in their own journals. Is there any workaround for this, or any plans to adjust this? Or does this cause too many privacy issues? It strikes me as odd that a Journal Manager isn’t able to add or remove roles for a user enrolled in their journal, which they should have full control over.

Any clarification is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @kaitlin,

OJS is used in multi-journal deployments in a couple of opposing ways:

  • For e.g. a publisher, where all the journals share a common imprint
  • For a service provider, in cases where journals aren’t at all related

In the latter case, some amount of separation between accounts is necessary to preserve privacy/integrity.

One solution would be to also grant your Managers “Site Administration” access.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team