Editing Footer in OJS 3


I am trying to add images within an html table in footer.tpl which is located at


I created a folder within the same location where footer.tpl exists but the images are not loading.

Please suggest what to do.

Have a look at https://tinyurl.com/y3wkxtuz

See the footer in the bottom. The first image I added for testing isnt loading.

You should not change the footer.tpl in the base application because of maintenance (e.g. an OJS update may overwrite it).

In the admin backend, menu Settings > Website, tab Appearance, submenu Setup, there is a field for the Page Footer that you can change according to your needs and where you can upload images.

In addition, you can modify the CSS in your theme to hide unwanted elements.


Thankyou for your reply. Yes you are correct.
But can you help me with this issue I am facing. For the image. Please