Editing DefaultThemePlugin.inc.php when creating new theme

When I edit the file php file for making new theme, I edit the file DefaultThemePlugin.inc.php

	// Register theme options
	$this->addOption('typography', 'radio', array(
		'label' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.label',
		'description' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.description',
		'options' => array(
			'notoSans' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.notoSans',
			'notoSerif' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.notoSerif',
			'notoSerif_notoSans' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.notoSerif_notoSans',
			'notoSans_notoSerif' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.notoSans_notoSerif',
			'lato' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.lato',
			'lora' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.lora',
			'lora_openSans' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.typography.lora_openSans',

	$this->addOption('baseColour', 'colour', array(
		'label' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.colour.label',
		'description' => 'plugins.themes.default.option.colour.description',
		'default' => '#1E6292',

The theming guide gives a good source, but does not mention if I should change the above code.


to something else

OJS version 3.0.2


Hi @dave4math,

Rather than modifying the built-in theme, have you looked into creating a child theme? That’s considered a better practice.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

I failed to mention above that I am creating a new theme for my website. In doing so, should I replace all
The theming guide is unclear of this.

In other words in the code I posted above, what does “default” mean?
A default value for some variable OR is it referring to the default template.


Hi @dave4math,

In this case, default just refers to the name of the default theme plugin. It’s the theme that OJS uses by default.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team