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My question is this. Is there any plugin and / or modified to indicate when a document attached to an article (Layout Galley ) . For example, a PDF, when the PDF label tells you the drop-down language , you mueste more languages ​​(which have to be loaded in OJS ) .

I mean, it is that " exceptionally " upload a PDF with a language that is not the predominant on the web . And I would indicate that it is in another language that is not the usual web ( Spanish or English ) .

Deputy capture, to understand my question . I hope your help…

You can enable a language for Submissions, but leave that language disabled for the UI.

The UI languages control the primary languages for usual web browsing.

The Submissions languages control the dropdown you have highlighted in your screenshot.

User Home → Site Administrator → Languages

User Home → Journal Manager → Languages

Hi. I could explain sections that are " UI" , " Submission" and " Forms" ?

And another thing, if you charge a language and do not select any of the three boxes , appear in the list of Galley ? Thank you.

The “Submissions” option controls what languages may be select for a galley and what languages are available for submission metadata:

The “UI” option controls what languages may be selected by a user for navigating the site:

And what languages may be used for filling in settings and profiles:

I’m not convinced that the “Forms” options are even used anymore. @asmecher ?

@ctgraham & @asmecher, In that area I can rename the language. To give an example, in the Spanish language , shown as Spanish ( Spain ) and would like to shorten it and leave it alone with Spanish.


The locale names are controlled by registry/locales.xml:

Thanks!! @ctgraham.

He has won his last answer.