Easy way to distribute an old journal

Hi all,
I’m using OJS in order to distribute a (closed) old scientific journal (80s-10s), so I don’t need for the moment all the functions about the review, the authors etc.
I’m using the quicksubmit plugin, and it works well, but my question is:

  • Is there a way make the process easier and faster? I.e. avoiding email for authors (most are died), or avoid the versions of a published article if I edit something?
    I need just to insert the issue, the article, the author, the pages and the abstract, and to make it simple to other people (not good at all with technology).
    Thanks in advance

Hi @OJScat,

Theoretically you can use native XML import plugin. That is create (implement export from your old journal) XML file(s) that can be imported in the OJS.
But my experiences are that it is faster to use just Quick Submit Plugin and doing boring C&P…

Regards, Primož

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