Earliest datestamp error

We use OJS 3.0.2

Our xml gives different reports, sometimes forgetting some articles.

We are trying to register our OAI protocols (for all our journals), but we have an interesting problem we cannot how to solve:

The first thing that OAI does is the Identity request:


And then, OJS reports that the earliest date is 2015-12-12T18: 48: 58Z (we don’t know how gets this data; our first article from our first volume is dated in 2014-11-08). Then OAI orders all articles from 2014-12-12 (a year before the incorrect data)


OJS gives 3 articles, not 7 (the correct number of published articles before 2014-12-12). All of this is strange.

We think there is a problem as OJS calculates the date of the oldest article.

How (and where) should we put or re-write the correct eartliest datestamp?

Thank you so much.

PS: 2015-12-12 is not the datestamp of any of our volumes. We don’t know what this date means.

Maybe it’s related, maybe not.
I’ve searching into our administration information in our OJS, and regarding to OAI, our information is this:


oai On
repository_id www.web.org
oai_max_records 100

we publish aprox. 400 articles per year.

Is this a problem?

Thank you!

Hi all,

There’s an already-corrected issue with the earliest datestamp described in the OAI “Identify” verb: OAI appears to be willing to provide records before the earliest record date · Issue #2693 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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