E-mails to all registered users


Im using ojs and apparently we cant send e-mails all at once to all the registered users like in OJS 2.X. Is there a way to do such thing besides when publishing a new issue?

Thanks a lot

When you add a new announcement you can choose if you want to send a notification about that announcement to all users.

Thank you, but tht is not what I need. I need can notify people and send a personalized message as it was possible in OJS 2.X. That was possible in users and roles but doesn’t seem possible on OJS 3.X.

Yes, that is not possible in OJS3. That sort of “multipurpose email tool” was discussed here, but was not realized: [OJS] Make notification emails for new announcements and issues optional in OJS3 · Issue #2561 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

I’ve cheated the system :roll_eyes:. I create an announcement with what I want all the registered users to get and then send it. Once I do, i delete the anouncement. Its the only way around the matter of the lack of global notifications to users. Its not ideal, but has worked for me so far.


Note that the actual message you write is not displayed in the email. It only says that a new announcement was added and gives a link.

I know but even so, has worked and since i cant notify everyone any other way, has to be like that.