E-mail sent when creating new reviewer

Dear all:
I’m using OJS with PHP 5.6.37.

When I select “Create a new reviewer” from the “Add reviewer” box, I get a new box in which I can input name, username and e-mail for a new reviewer.

Under “Email to be sent to reviewer”, I see a template that starts with:


I believe that you would serve as an excellent reviewer of the manuscript “{$submissionTitle},” which has been submitted to {$contextName}. The submission’s abstract is inserted below, and I hope that you will consider undertaking this important task for us. […]

However, for what we could ascertain, the e-mail actually sent is this one:

In light of your expertise, we have taken the liberty of registering your name in the reviewer database for {$contextName}. This does not entail any form of commitment on your part, but simply enables us to approach you with a submission to possibly review. […]

This e-mail doesn’t warn the reviewer that there is a request for review. Checking the “review” panel, though, we see the reviewer’s name, as expected.

Are we doing something wrong or is this the expected behavior? If it is, is there an easy way to send the first e-mail to let the reviewer know about the request?

Thanks in advance.