Drop menu of "About" cannot be open in phone

Dear Staff,

I installed the ojs, It looks very good. Only find one problem so far.

The drop menu (About the Journal, Editorial Team, etc.) of “About” cannot be open in phone by usual click. The drop menu is good in desktop. I checked this problem for a while, but I still did not get solution.

Do you have any idea?

Best regards

Hi @Buyi_Li,

Are you sure that all of the cache files are cleared? We implemented some fixes for this in OJS 3.0.2. If you can provide me with a link to your site and let me know the phone’s OS and Browser version, I’d be happy to take a look.

Dear NateWr

I am sure all of cache files are cleared. I tested it in two phones. My phone’s OS is Android 7.0

The link is http://www.archyworld.com/journals/index.php/mjeas/index

Thank you very much.