Drop-down menus in OJS and web accessibility

Are the drop-down menus in OJS 3.x compliant with web accessibility standards? I’m serving on an editorial board that is setting up an OJS 3.x site for our journal. This question came up at one of our meetings - someone shared this example of a blog post that suggests that not all drop-downs are accessible: https://www.a11y-collective.com/blog/mastering-web-accessibility-making-drop-down-menus-user-friendly/#:~:text=Many%20drop-down%20menus%20are,focus%20style%20exacerbates%20this%20issue)

Do you know if this is a valid concern in OJS 3.x? If it is, would you recommend simply not using drop-downs? Are there any alternate solutions that you recommend, such as any custom CSS that might make them more accessible?

Any insight or advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

HI @devsoper

The drop-down menu in Default Theme of OJS 3 is mouse and keyboard navigable. We had an extend external accessibility audit process that test it for us.
However, we have improvements pending to fix the usability with some combination of screen readers and browsers. Specifically, using VoiceOver and Safari, the assistive technology announces the link but might not announce the subgroup.
This will be fixed with this PR that is under review:

As you may know, accessibility is not a true/false test, but a more/less spectrum. On this case, we can say that the menu is fully accessible to mouse interaction and keyboard navigation while being partially accessible using a screen reader.


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